The “Armazéns do Chiado” has a long and sublime history. With establishments dating from the twelfth century, the structure addresses the climax of different progressive developments.

Armazéns do Chiado opens its entryways and plans to reestablish the fabulousness of past periods by offering the public a great space for shopping activities. With 54 stores, 6 retail floors containing 2 significant atriums and an exquisite food court, Armazéns do Chiado has reopen, after a major fire, since October 1999 to turn out to be these days as the huge anchor for the Chiado and Baixa regions.

Lisbon’s midtown was by one way or another advanced both socially and economically and the once captivating and stylish area was again glad to introduce itself as it use to be in the start of the nineteenth century: the spot to be, to be seen and to appreciate.