Erasmus in Lisbon

Nightlife in Lisbon

The best Clubs, Discos, Bars and outher places to go out at night

Lisbon is a city full of nightlife. Most of the Portuguese people love to party and anything serve as an excuse to go out and have a drink.

In Lisbon the night of University students is on Thursdays, however the nights of Friday and Saturday are also great to go out. Although these are the nights when you see more people on the street, there are always good parties during week.

All Mondays there’s always a GREAT party at a place called Left in Santos district - Erasmus Monday Rock that is always full of people with the best rock music to dance. On Tuesdays is also a good day to party for ERASMUS, this time in Cais do Sodré, and if you keep looking you will find otoher Events and parties to erasmus students to go out every night. 

In Lisbon it is normal to go to clubs after 1 or 2am, so do not be surprised if you arrive in a club at midnight and it is empty. Is strange to many foreigners, but in the end you get used to.

Most students choose Bairro Alto and Santos to go before enter in a disco. The main reason is because the prices are very competitive when compared to the prices in clubs.
The Bairro Alto bars during the week close at 2am and on Fridays and Saturdays at 4am.

The bars at Santos close every day at 4am.


Please click on the links bellow to know the best bars with the best prices, and clubs in town where you will pass some of your time:

  Left Bar - Santos

  KAPITAL - Santos

  URBAN BEACH - Santos

  LUX - Santa Apolónia


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