Transportes pblicos em lisboa

Transports in Lisbon

Information about all transportations in Lisbon.

Metro, BUS, Train, Boats, etc.


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Brief Descripton 

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The Lisbon subway system provides a public transport service for passengers, who allows its users to reach a wide variety of tourist spots in Lisbon and almost all the important areas.

BUS - Carris

If you want to travel inexpensively and quickly, the BUS services can be an excellent alternative. Carris serves an urban public transport in the Lisbon area.

Trams, Funiculars and Elevators

The network of the tram  is currently composed of five careers that allows its users to move around the Lisbon area within a radius of 48km.

Taxi Services

Once during the night other modes of transportation are very limited, the taxi service in Lisbon can be an excellent alternative.


Trains are a great alternative to travel not only in the Lisbon area but also all over the country.

Aerobus and Aeroshuttle

If you want a special service between Lisbon airport and city center, these buses have a service with two rows for this purpose.

Rede Expresso - Bus to leave the City

If you want to leave Lisbon, the Rede Expresso Buses provides cheap services to road transport around all the country.

Boats in Tejo River

The Transtejo and Soflusa serve a public transport for crossing the Tejo river, intending to incorporate a flexible service for all users. This river network is integrated with the railway and metro network of Lisbon.




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