We selected some of the best restaurants and divided them into categories to make your search easier.

Portugal has a huge gastronomic variety. There are typical dishes of many regions. As it’s a very close country to the sea, there are plenty of fish dishes and seafood, especially in coastal cities.


Lisbon is a bit of everything from local dishes to international cuisine. The things that you must eat during your stay in Lisbon are grilled sardines, cod, cooked beans, the Portuguese stew, etc.

The lunches are usually served in Portugal between 12am and 2pm and dinner served from 8pm to 9pm.

Restaurant prices, as everywhere, can be different. You can find cheap restaurants by 5 to 8 €, but often if you want to have a good meal prices are up to 15 €.

The Canteen of Universities have an average price around 2.5 €, but many of these do not serve dinner.

Here you can see some suggestions:


  CABAÇAS - Bairro Alto

  CASANOVA - Santa Apolónia



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