Places to visit in Lisbon

The places that you can not miss in Lisbon and around Lisbon.

Places in Lisbon

In Lisbon, you can visit numerous of different places, which are scattered throughout the city, some of which have great relevance and interest, including:



The historic and picturesque district of Lisbon. Also known as Baixa Pombalina, it was completely rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake by Marquês of Pombal.


Place of great a bustle, with traditional shops and a busy nightlife.


Characterized by a great variety of museums and monuments therein.


The most traditional place in the city, which still maintains their small streets where you will get lost in a second.


The most modern district in Lisbon, where was held Expo 98 in 1998, which has a large number of impressive buildings.


These exist in a great numbers, and its where you will have the best views of Lisbon.

Places near Lisbon

There are also other points of great interest that are not within the city, but are also accessible on a short trip, as are the cases of:




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