Festivais de Vero


Shows, Concerts, Festivals...

Lisbon is full of places where you can have a concert, a play, or a festival, etc...

 If you start looking, you will reach a point where you have to choose, because it will be several things happening at the same time. To make it easier for you we will give you some examples where you can find the schedule of events and also show you the main places where they happen.

 You can find and buy online a huge variety of shows on:

 By the time of spring and summer the festivals offer is enormous. At these festivals you can find great local and international artists.  One of the best known festivals in Lisbon is “Rock in Rio Lisboa” which is held usually in late May. There are many others, such as:

 During the summer holidays there’s also a lot of festivals outside Lisbon. Here you have some examples of that:

Then you"ll be able to access the main areas of Lisbon, monthly you have a lot of places to go.

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