Lisbon Travel Guide

In this page you will find all the information that you need to know about Lisbon and also from the surroundings. This is maybe the best and most complete Lisbon Guide, we hope that it can be useful for you.

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lisbon university

Lisbon Universities

On this page you can find information about all universities in Lisbon.

All Erasmus will get all the information about the location of their university, how to get there or the courses that they will have during the semester while they are in Lisbon.

Transportes pblicos em lisboa

Transports in Lisbon

Information about all transportations in Lisbon.

Metro, BUS, Train, Boats, etc.


Click on the links bellow to see all the information about the transport you are looking for.

Places to visit in Lisbon

The places that you can not miss in Lisbon and around Lisbon.

Erasmus in Lisbon

Nightlife in Lisbon

The best Clubs, Discos, Bars and outher places to go out at night

Lisbon is a city full of nightlife. Most of the Portuguese people love to party and anything serve as an excuse to go out and have a drink.



We selected some of the best restaurants and divided them into categories to make your search easier.

Portugal has a huge gastronomic variety. There are typical dishes of many regions. As it’s a very close country to the sea, there are plenty of fish dishes and seafood, especially in coastal cities.


Festivais de Vero


Shows, Concerts, Festivals...

Lisbon is full of places where you can have a concert, a play, or a festival, etc...

 If you start looking, you will reach a point where you have to choose, because it will be several things happening at the same time. To make it easier for you we will give you some examples where you can find the schedule of events and also show you the main places where they happen.


Most Europeans love coffee, cakes and Wine, but according to a recent study, officially the Portuguese are those who spend more time and money in coffees.

This strong taste for coffee is due to exotic influences from Brazil, Africa and East Timor, former Portuguese colonies.

Here you can find the best and most typical Coffee-Spots in Lisbon.



Find all the Beaches in Lisbon and How to get there.

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