Erasmus Black Vodka Open Bar @ Studio 44 | Thursday 6th


We are back on thursdays night of Open Bar!

Every THURSDAY at Studio 44, Erasmus Open Bar Party!

Let´s have fun, meet new people and enjoy the atmosphere of an OPEN BAR with EOL and Studio 44....the cheapest open bar in Lisbon.

A party with open bar where you can drink:

★ Vodka

★ Black vodka

★ Whisky

★ Gin

★ Dark Rum

★ Beer

★ Juice

And even a lot of water! :P

Door open at 11:30pm!!



Till 0h30 with EOL Card

★Girls 5€ ★Guys 8€


After 0:30am with EOL Card

★Girls 8€ ★Guys 10€


+ 2€ without card


How to make EOL Card?

Make here your EOL card with all the benefits and discounts.


How to get to STUDIO 44?

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