In this section you can find all kinds of events held by Erasmus Organization Lisboa, like parties, trips, etc. You are all invited to appear at all of our events, even though they are designed for students in mobility (Erasmus) in Lisbon and Portugal, they are also available for all other students or other interested people.

Erasmus Organization Lisboa also offers you a personalized service that will be created for you to fit your needs in any event promoted by you and your friends, no matter how fancy it is. Here you can see more about the program A LA CARTE by EOL

Evento: 21 de Maro de 2014
erasmus lisboa madrid trip

Erasmus Goes To Madrid / Toledo & Trujillo | 3 Day Trip | 21 March

Ladies and gentleman...

EOL proudly presents you the FIRST ERASMUS TRIP TO SPAIN!

The plan will pass through the amazing cities of Madrid, Toledo and Trujillo in a weekend full of CULTURE AND PARTY!


Evento: 6 de Maro de 2014
Erasmus Black Vodka Open Bar

Erasmus Black Vodka Open Bar @ Studio 44 | Thursday 6th

We are back on thursdays night of Open Bar!

Every THURSDAY at Studio 44, Erasmus Open Bar Party!

Let´s have fun, meet new people and enjoy the atmosphere of an OPEN BAR with EOL and Studio 44....the cheapest open bar in Lisbon.

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