Skydive Europe

Skydive Europe is the most renowned skydiving school in the country. It is the 1st International Skydiving Center in Portugal. Airfield is certified by INAC (the Portuguese Civil Aviation Authority). All instructors are certified by the Parachuting Portuguese Federation. 

Discount with EOL Card: 10% (depending on the number of the group, the discount can be bigger)


Do I need something special? The activity of tandem jump takes place at the Figueira dos Cavaleiros airfield, near Grândola. They provide a special suit for the experience, so just bring comfortable clothes (jeans, t-shirts, tennis, etc.) and put yourself in a great mood.  

You"re not sure of the height of jump?  No problem. On the spot you can decide whether it will be 9, 13 or 15 000ft above Ground Level. They are one of the few schools in Europe that offers level of skydiving up to 15 000ft which is the highest you can jump from without oxygen.

And how it looks? Firstly you have a short briefing with an instructor, that will explain you all what you can or can’t do. Then you get dressed and go to the plane. The flight is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. After you jump out of plane, you experience free-fall time (about 220km/h) for approximately 20 to 80 seconds, depending on how high you jump. Then parachute opens and you have a chance to enjoy the beautiful Alentejo scenery in true communion with nature.

Having more questions? Visit Skydive Website  or find their office in Lisbon, Rua Silva Tavares 3-B. 

Don"t be afraid of falling out of the plane, 

you are dressed for the occasion

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