Want to cooperate with EOL?

Want to have contact with other nationalities and cultures? Improve your language skills?

Want to have fun like you are in Erasmus, but without leaving Lisbon?

all this while you enhance your curriculum?


The ConnectingPeople program is a volunteer program that aims to recruit students (Erasmus and Portuguese) to cooperate with the ErasmusOrganization.

The objective of the program is that all students (Erasmus and Portuguese) cooperate with the EOL in the sense not only to give all the support needed to an Erasmus in Lisbon, but also the creation of cultural and sporting events, parties, trips, etc..


Advantages for participants

  • Contact with other nationalities and cultures
  • Ability to apply what you have learned during your academic life
  • Will be offered a card EOL for the participants
  • Appreciation of the curriculum



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