EOL Card Discounts

On this page you can view all discounts associated with to EOL card, and by clicking on each link, you will have access to all information about the discount and how to claim it.

DuckDive Surf School

The EOL became a partner of DuckDive to provide the Erasmus community with the best opportunity to learn how to surf at the best prices. Discounts on surf lessons for students with an EOL card.

Lisbon Walkers

The EOL wants to provide Erasmus students with a different and innovative way to get to know Lisbon. Through the EOL card, all Erasmus students will receive a 30% discount off a pack of Lisbon Walkers cards. These cards show you all the sights of Lisbon and directions on how to get there.

Skydive Europe

Adrenaline running high with a skydive experience. A partnership with EOLisboa offering discounts from 10% to members for a freefall jump.

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