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Erasmus Organization Lisboa is a nonprofit organization that primarily aims to provide a better quality of life for all people who have chosen Lisbon to live and study.

Provide Cultural and Sport Events, Accommodation, Language and Gastronomy courses, Trips, Parties and all sorts of information and help it’s our main goal.


The History of EOL

Once upon a time...

A group of Portuguese students decided to have an adventure into Europe by the Erasmus Mobility...

Destination - Prague, Czech Republic, the greatest adventure of their lives.

After many wasted nights with lots of partying, alcohol, warmth, travel and studies… little by little they have created great bonds of friendship with a lot of people around the world that marked their lives forever...They became part of a new Family, the Erasmus Family.

What seemed to be a simple discovery journey turned out to be the best time of their lives.

Returning to its origins they quickly faced with “Saudades” and depression...the feeling of "displaced" won their hearts and it soon showed angry with the situation.

June 2010 bring the “uprising scream”.

The Erasmus Organization Lisboa was raised by the direction of a small group of friends all ex-erasmus following the path decided by fate, the fate of a real Erasmus.

We believe that being Erasmus is to belong to a particular family and like all families should always have a great support from all members in good and bad times.

The Erasmus Organization Lisboa wants to be part of your family, and also provide you the best time of your life.


EOL Presentation

If you want to know more about us please click on the link bellow to read our presentation.

EOL Presentation

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