Erasmus Organization Lisbon card

EOL Card

The EOL Card is a card that identifies you as a member of Erasmus Organization Lisboa and gives you many discounts and free entry to all of our parties.

This is your opportunity to have one of the best Erasmus Cards in Lisbon! For JUST 5€!!

It is personal and intransmissible and only confers the right to benefit from its advantages for the owner of the same.

Advantages of the EOL card:

★ Weekly parties in some of the best NIGHT CLUBS in Lisbon 

★ Sunset parties

★ Surf Days 

★ Football Erasmus Lisbon Championship - ELC during all Semester

★ The best trips through Portugal 

★ Portuguese Language courses

and much more...

Other discounts of partners associated with your card EOL - Read more here;

To have EOL Card you need:

  • ID card, passport, student card or University statement;
  • Cheapest price 5€;
  • Fill the form bellow:




Where can you do EOL card?

  • Our office at Rua dos Fanqueiros nº 262 1st floor;
  • The entrance of our parties (to the security guy);
  • All the events that we will organize;



Office: Rua dos Fanqueiros nº 262 1st floor

EOL Residence Manager: Marco Viveiros - 91 0626801 / 96 3466820

Phone number: 926307694 / 961278550 / 91 0626801

Contact us!

EOL Card is valid only with photo and is property of Erasmus Organization Lisboa which owns the right to destroy the card when it is misused.

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